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Mahahual Now


It's been a year since our small fishing village suffered the ravages of Hurricane Dean. We are proud of the amazing challenges that were met by so many who suffered great losses and destruction to their homes, restaurants, tiendas and hotels on the Costa Maya.

Since last fall, Mahahual has been welcoming tourists even though construction was going on and things were a little disorganized. The Puerto Costa Maya has been closed all year and is expected to open later this fall with returning cruise ships.

So for one year, the town has been recreating itself, building a new malecon (boardwalk) and cleaning up. Even throughout all this, we were very grateful that so many tourists visited Mahahual and the hotels on the Costa Maya. Actually, this past winter was quite good for hotels and restaurants, considering the image that "post-hurricane" has on many people.

It's natural to wonder why the mangroves are grey and some homes have not been rebuilt. But one year later, the green is returning slowly and lots of people are enjoying our "new Mahahual".

Our diving centres are all reporting healthy reefs and aquatic life. We've had great reports from tourists who have loved the snorkeling and diving here as well as the daily fresh fish served in our restaurants. That's one of our main attractions -looking at the sea on a clean beach and eating fresh ceviche and pescado! The only visual impairment is the grey mangrove as one enters town. With the new, grand road, the entrance should look great, but it doesn't, yet. But once past this eyesore, the town is really much the same as before -except for the malecon.


This boardwalk on the beach has become a gathering place for locals and tourists; it's not unusual to see folks bicycling, jogging or just sauntering along this lengthy, well - landscaped boardwalk. There is relaxed sense of well being and promise and lots of restaurants!

If you were here before and loved it, come again and see our facelift. Travel south and enjoy the relaxed life on Costa Maya.

Our clinic with very friendly doctors and free consultation

There are a few local grocery stores where you can find fruits, cheese, vegetables, etc for lunches or snacks.

  First class buses daily to and from Chetumal,
Bacalar, Felippe Carrilo Puerto, Tulum , Playa del Carmen and Cancun. Great news for backpackers.

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