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Our Recent Bird List

Balamku and surrounding area 2/26 - 3/3/07

Jeff Levy & Ann Marie Schauer


melodious blackbird

pale vented pigeon

tropical mockingbird

magnificent frigate bird

brown pelican


royal tern

common black hawk

Yucatan woodpecker

altamira oriole


Yucatan jay

green kingfisher

yellow throated warbler

white fronted parrot

golden fronted woodpecker

ladderback woodpecker

black cowled oriole

great blue heron

black headed trogon

semipalmated sandpiper


Lagoon near Rio Huatch

plain chachalaca

tricolored heron

snowy egret

great egret

black crowned night heron

mangrove swallow

white ibis

little blue heron

great kiskadee

altamira oriole

bare throated tiger heron

grey necked wood rail

glossy ibis

Xcalak and vicinity

wood stork

greater yellowlegs

reddish egret

blue winged teal

yellow rumped warbler

hook billed kite

Chacchoben Ruin

short tailed hawk

chimney swift

magnolia warbler

cattle egret

Mahahual Highway Marsh


red winged blackbird

great blue heron

little blue heron

tricolored heron

great egret

snowy egret



Mahahual, Quintana Roo, Mexico

3/18/2005 – 3/25/2005

Bird List by Alan McCoy

M = Mahahual B = Balamku C = Chacchoben ruin T = Tulum

Eurasian Collared-Dove – Cancun near hotel

Turkey Vulture - Cancun, B, T, M common

Yucatan Jay – M, B

Barn Swallow - T

Tropical Mockingbird – T, B, M common                                                           

Great-tailed Grackle – Cancun, B, T, M common

Melodious Blackbird – Cancun, B

Brown Pelican – B, M

Magnificent Frigatebird - B

Common Ground Dove – T

Golden-fronted Woodpecker – B

Collared Aricari – B, C

Green Jay – B

Yellow-rumped Warbler (Myrtle) – B

Little Blue Heron – B

Yellow-throated Warbler – B

Common Black Hawk – M

Ruddy Turnstone – M

Spotted Sandpiper – B, M

Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl – B (5pm and 7am) a pair

Blue Bunting – B

Royal Tern – M, B common

Great Kiskadee – B

Tropical Kingbird – B, M

Eastern Kingbird – B

Osprey – B, M

Common Yellowthroat – B (near compost)

White-eyed Vireo – B (toward Traveler’s Inn)

Black-cowled Oriole – B, M common

White Ibis – flying over Balamku

Blue Grosbeak – B (toward Traveler’s Inn)

Palm Warbler (D. p. Paludicola) – across road from and just south of Yuacho’s house

Belted Kingfisher – M

Yellow-billed Cacique - B (toward Traveler’s Inn)

Ovenbird – B (toward Traveler’s Inn and just north of Balamku) also near Yuacho’s

Rose-throated Becard - B (toward Traveler’s Inn)

Prothonotary Warbler - B (toward Traveler’s Inn)

White-fronted Parrot – B

Plain Chachalaca – B

Yellow-backed Oriole – B

Blue-black Grosbeak – B

Magnolia Warbler – B, C (female only)

Black Catbird – B (near compost)

Lesser Yellow-headed Vulture – M

Hooded Oriole – B, M

Sanderling – M, B

Lineated Woodpecker (similis) – M

Blue-grey Tanager – C

Brown Jay – C

Clay-colored Thrush – C many birds

Boat-billed Kiskadee – C

Black-headed Saltator (atriceps) – C

Summer Tanager – C

Blue-winged / Golden-winged Warbler hybrid (Brewster) – C

American Redstart – C

Keel-billed Toucan – C

Ivory-billed Woodcreeper – C

Barred Antshrike – C


At Chacchoben ruin there is a tree with marble-sized fruit that attracted many birds – toucan, aricari, robin, kiskadee, tanager. There were many more birds at Chacchoben that I saw but could not identify. This is a fabulous birding site that I wish I had spent more time birding!


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