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Mayan Archaeological Sites

Explore the sites in our area by visiting: The Ruins of Mexico site
Tours can be arranged or you can explore these sites on your own. They are all day excursions from Balamku.

  • The colossal stucco masks, carved moldings and recessed corners of the Temple of the Masks are the focus of attention in this site. Nestled in the jungle, it is also a wonderful area for observing exotic birds.
  • This beautifully preserved site features towering pyramids and beautiful facades. It has a number of plazas ringed by large palaces and temples. Several chultunes, or underground excavations, show how Mayans reversed water. Nearby, Kinichna, the Temple of the Sun, provides an outstanding vista of the jungle and unexcavated ruins.
  • The closest ruin to Balamku. Many songbirds and toucans have been sited amid the beautiful trees.
  • This unrestored site, nestled deep in the jungle, has significant archaeological interest as the hieroglyphic stairways contain first known references in the Mayan world to the major city state of Calakmul. Permits are required to access this site.
  • This site is known for its elaborate stone arch representing the Mayan Earth Monster. Apparently, priests would enter through this doorway into the Mayan underworld to communicate with the ancestors and emerge transformed.
  • Considered the capital of the Rio Bec region, Becan is the only site surrounded by a wall and moat. To enter Becan, the Mayans built various entrances, seven of which are through tombs where you can then see towers decorated with facades, the ball court, and well-preserved stellae.
  • Doorways flanked by heads of serpents, large masks with protruding teeth and decorative towers create an imposing presence in this site.

  • Located on the shores of Chetumal Bay, this vast site was built during the early classic period and appears to have been occupied until the arrival of the Spaniards in 1550’s. The presence of both Mayan and European architecture makes this site interesting.
  • An extremely important, large site that illustrates the power and influence in its time. Entering the site through Calakmul’s Biosphere Reserve, one of the last Yucatan rainforests, provides a wonderful opportunity to see the exotic birds and butterflies in this region. Over 100 stellae have been found in this 25 sq. km area.

  • Huge towers with masks, beautifully preserved stellae, and an interesting subterranean room make this site very special.
  • Our namesake, House of the Jaguar, reveals exceptional reliefs carved into the walls of preclassic temples. Crossing the threshold into the building is rather like entering the underworld!.
  • This glorious temple with elaborate stucco is nestled within the jungle.

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