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Snorkeling and Scuba Diving Excursions

There are many magnificent diving and snorkeling areas along this MesoAmerican reef. Gorgeous coral formations, colourful fish and most likely a turtle or two will make your sea experience very special. The Costa Maya is not overrun with a lot of tourists so your experience diving or snorkeling here will be almost exclusive.

We have a few dive operators in Mahahual to choose from and their prices are in the range of $70US for a 2 tank dive. Dive courses are also offered from: Discover Diving: $100US to Rescue Diving: $375 and many other PADI courses. Sunrise or night diving can be arranged. Please ask about our diving package.

Snorkeling Trips

One of our favorite excursions is a 2 hour trip to a number of special spots for a very exclusive snorkeling  experience.  $30US per person. Balamku beach pick up!

This world famous biosphere is the second largest atoll in the world after the Great Barrier Reef. A day's excursion to this protected area can only be arranged with a special permit and a minimum number of people. Since Chinchorro is 1 hours out to sea, good weather conditions are essential. There are a number of operators in Mahahual that have the permits.

Snorkeling: $100US
Two tank dive: $150US
Prices may vary according to number of people and gear needed.

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