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About Balamku
Balamku is a new concept of hotel in the Costa Maya region, one of Mexico's hidden treasures.

We are in the southern area of the Yucatan Peninsula, just south of a little fishing village, Mahahual in a natural, unspoiled environment with a community of friendly people.

At Balamku, we have created a beautiful setting that respects the natural surroundings.

We are committed to providing comfort and quality services using the resources of nature without abusing the environment.

Our respect for the environment, focus on ecotourism and intimate surroundings, will suit travelers who want a change from the large resorts.
Main Entrance

A Walk On The Beach
Whether you like snorkeling and scuba diving (just off our shore and also at the world-famous Chinchorra Reef), kayaking, deep sea fishing, horseback riding, birding and hiking, investigating Mayan ruins, or just taking it easy, your time at Balamku will be relaxed and as diverse as you want.

We can easily accommodate groups who would like to reserve the inn for their private use. It is perfect for retreats.
Owned and operated by Canadians who bring a strong focus of client and environmental care to their business.

Balamku means home of the jaguar. This magnificent animal was sacred to the Mayans as it was the bearer of the sun during its nightly journey through the underworld. Preserving myths and culture is as important to us as preserving nature.
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